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In the category of high-speed internet and cable service providers survive those who grow steadily, but the number of households that cut off cable service grows year after year. Growing up in a declining category was not going to be easy.


Research showed a sub-segment of the market that the brand was not communicating with appropriately: Hispanics who watched television in English. These bicultural Hispanics considered themselves 100% Hispanic and 100% American. Not one or the other, and not somewhere in the middle, and they belonged totally and entirely to both cultures.


As a result, the "Because I Can" campaign was developed, demonstrating how Xfinity products and services could help them navigate both worlds. A campaign that brought together novelas and series, Spanish and English, being a mother and a professional, rock and bachata; in short, relevant messages for this group of consumers.


The main idea was to give real value to this bicultural being, who moves like a fish in the water in both cultures "because they can."



Silver Effie | 2014 | campaign 

Jay Chiat award for best Product/Service strategy



TV spot, posters, radio.

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