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Remember how much fun it was to jump on a puddle, kick a tiny rock for blocks and blocks, or ride the supermarket cart through every aisle?

You may have forgotten, but your inner Chavo definitely has not. Your inner Chavo lives inside you, and Toma Leche and El Chavo want to help you get in touch with him, feed him, so you can continue having fun and playing forever.


Social Experiment, TV, Online Videos, Retail Activation, Merchandising, In-Store POP and Social Media.

Social Experiment - Kindergarten Reunion

We invited people from a “Kindergarten Photo” from several years ago to recreate the same picture, version 2017.

From there we created a short documentary where we see some people arriving to the reunion, how people have changed, how they prepare for the reunion, etc. The event was held at the same classroom they used to go to and we’ll have milk and childhood games for

them to play. The experiment was  supported on social media both before and after the event.

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