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The World Cup is the most important event for soccer fans. Jack in the Box wanted to keep its presence during the tournament in South Africa in 2010, knowing their Hispanic customers LOVE soccer and tend to eat more "fast food" to save time to watch the games.  

Since the tournament was sponsored worldwide by McDonalds, we gave life to the Jack in the Box antenna ball, one of the promotional items customers could get with their food, and turned it into "Soccer Jack." A character with a voice and personality that talked about soccer. 

He lived on a Facebook page where "Soccer Ball" shared its thoughts, posted videos, and interacted with an extensive Internet community, inviting them to post comments, photos, and videos.

As a result, Jack in the Box had one of its biggest growing moments at that time, adding thousands of followers to its social media platforms, and of course, keeping them going to the stores.



Online Videos, Retail Activation, Merchandising, In-Store POP, and Social Media.

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